How to play: MW2 (IW4x)

Install the game

XLabs (the creators of most of the open-source COD projects) received a cease and desist letter from Activision so IW4x links can no longer be posted publicy. Keep in mind that our servers are still up so if you already have the game or you install from a third-party source you can still play with us. Once you run the game, click on your servers list and join our servers! Visit our Discord servers for more help.

How to play: MW3 (IW5)

Install the game

Installing IW5 (MW3) is way easier than installing IW4x. Visit now and join our servers after installing your game!

How to play: BO3 MOD

Download the mod

Our Black Ops 3 mod requires you to have bought the game on Steam. If you meet the requirements, download our mod from the Steam Workshop from here.


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